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The problem with most humor today is that it’s not the funny kind. This majestic domain seeks to remedy this national crisis with large doses of satire, commentary and verse by the world’s foremost Thinkist™ and notorious Liberaltarian™ Jackson Hogen.

Excerpts from unpublished works including screenplays, rants and at least one novel also shall appear here, along with occasional contributions by guest artists whom we admire.


Solution to Life’s Problems™
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When America awoke on July 1, 2012, things were a little different.

jacksonWhat felt impossible on June 30 became eminently doable. Scales fell from a million eyes, creating quite a mess. What could possibly have caused such a sea change in consciousness?

Why, none other than the long-awaited arrival of Self-Help for Losers: Recipes for Life, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This link will take you to its hidden lair in the Amazonian jungle; this one is for Nooksters. Nor do we neglect iFans . . .

Will this book change your life?   The good news is, it probably already has! Just knowing what a Loser you are is such a big step, why not take the plunge all America is enjoying?

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Snowbird Secrets: A Guide to Big Mtn. Skiing
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"This new book by acclaimed ski author Jackson Hogen and 'Snowbird Guru' Dave Powers is secretsunique. One could argue that the title is coyly misleading. The "Secrets" are secret to elite skiers only in that they have not before been so clearly articulated and, although this remarkable book centers on Snowbird, it reveals far more than mere tactical approaches to that iconic big mountain playground. " —

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Controlled Fall: Collected Ski Stories $9.99

Controlled Fall is perhaps the most curious compendium of ski tales ever assembled. That they are the product of one brief career in controlled fallski “journalism” is perhaps frightening. The pieces assembled here—some slightly used by prior appearances in the pages of SKI and Skiing Heritage, some sparkling new—are categorized under such headings as Why We Ski, Thoughts about Equipment, and The Greg Stump Songbook. The selections range in style from brief meditations to howling yarns and include 24 unpublished lyrics and 7 recipes of cloudy provenance.

If you were raised properly, you know better than to mention price, so any of you who were raised properly may skip the remainder of this paragraph. The rest of you – I note you’re all still here – please read on. Unless you find a way to steal it, Controlled Fall will run you a mere $9.99.

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