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The Fall Line — Nathaniel Vinton

the fall line

The Fall Line by Nathaniel Vinton reports on the race season of 09/10 on a granular level—focusing on Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller—but it is much more than that.

The book is nothing short of a superb history of World Cup racing, an insider's analysis of ski racing culture and even an actionable (if subtle) manual for high level skiing.



Deep: A History of Skiing and The Future of Snow — Porter Fox


"The Story of Skiing and the History of Snow" goes the tagline of Porter Fox's superb—and scary—volume and that says it all.

Maybe the key quote:

"The ski industry itself has been surprisingly slow to react to climate change, given that it could put the industry out of business."

If you are interested in skiing beyond the next few years, you'd be well advised to read and heed this book.



Snowbird Secrets: A Guide to Big Mountain Skiing — Jackson Hogen & Dave Powers

secrets of snowbird

This new book by acclaimed ski author—and Realskiers Editor—Jackson Hogen and Snowbird "Guru" Dave Powers is unique. One could argue that the title is coyly misleading: The "Secrets" are secret to elite skiers only in that they have not before been so clearly articulated and, although this remarkable book centers on Snowbird, it reveals far more than mere tactical approaches to that iconic big mountain playground. And as to Big Mountain Skiing, "Secrets" applies to all skiing, from local bunny hill to the vast reaches of the Chugach.

Hardware—boots, skis, bindings—and software—skills, technique—and tactics—where to use what hardware and which skills—certainly are central to effective skiing performance, but, by far, not the whole story. Context, mental environment and, especially, the concept of Flow are as, if not even more, important. "Secrets" is the first volume of which we are aware to address these crucial concepts and we believe it to be among the most important skiing books yet written.

(discloser: reviewed by Peter Keelty)

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Controlled Fall: Collected Ski Stories — Jackson Hogen

controlled fall

Controlled Fall: Collected Ski Stories is perhaps the most curious compendium of ski tales ever assembled.

Author's note

That all these stories are the product of one brief career in ski “journalism” is perhaps frightening. The pieces assembled here—some slightly used by prior appearances in the pages of SKI and Skiing Heritage, some sparkling new—are categorized under such headings as Why We Ski, Thoughts about Equipment, and The Greg Stump Songbook. The selections range in style from brief meditations to howling yarns and include 24 unpublished lyrics and 7 recipes of cloudy provenance.

If you were raised properly, you know better than to mention price, so any of you who were raised properly may skip the remainder of this paragraph. The rest of you—I note you’re all still here—please read on. Unless you find a way to steal it, Controlled Fall will run you a mere $2.99. I know for a fact that SKI magazine wants ten bucks for a subscription (who says Jackson does no research?), and it doesn’t include a single article by Jackson Hogen. When compared to Controlled Fall and its 73 pithy entries, unfettered by bleating ads, adorned by glorious full-color photography, well, we don’t want to rub it in, but I trust you see that the book is a MUCH BETTER VALUE than the magazine, any magazine, take your pick.

Now that we’ve decided that Controlled Fall is a great American way to spend $9.99, let’s see who else thinks so! Here are a few vividly imagined quotes from some of the famous people who could have or could one day in the near future read Controlled Fall:

“Jackson’s book puts the “self” in self-indulgence.” Jean-Paul Sartre

“Promise you’ll never tell anyone I booted off the lift.” Kim Jong Un

“After reading Jackson’s book I raced out and got a lobotomy and now my back feels so much better.” Greg Stump

“Who the hell is Jackson Hogen?” Warren Miller

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Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier — Harald Harb

anyone can be an expert skier

Anyone is a comprehensive skier manual devoted to equipment selection and preparation and a clear description of modern technique, including step-by-step progressions for developing carving skills.

Available from$19.95 + s&h) Companion video available.


Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2 — Harald Harb

anyone can be an expertskier 2

Anyone 2 takes the Primary Teaching System to its next level, emphasizing bumps, powder, ice speed and steeps. This book can stand alone; its real power is when used in conjunction with Anyone 1.

Available from$19.95 + s&h). Companion video available.


The New Skiing Mechanics — John Howe
Including the Technology of Short Radius Carved-turn Skiing

new skiing mechanics

Essentially an update of Howe's seminal 1983 publication, NSM now focuses on short carving ski design, technique and, to whatever level of depth the reader wishes to go, the mechanics of skiing. This is an extremely technical book, but the Appendices and a revised Chapter 10 alone are worth the price.

Howe, legendary Head Ski Company engineer and developer of The Claw carving ski, is one of the most respected ski designers in the business and a master's racer to boot. If nothing else, NSM can settle the most exotic of ski design discussions or disputes!

McIntire Publishing; 1.888.423.2529


How to Ski the Blues and Blacks — Craig McNeil
(without getting black and blue)

black and blue

Blues and Blacks is nothing short of a pocket encyclopedia on skiing, including concise information on technique, North American resorts and anything that has to do with skiing.



How The Racers Ski — Warren Witherell and Doug Smith

how the racers ski

The first comprehensive effort to bring world cup technique and equipment prep to the general skiing public. Still one of the best references for high performance skiing. A must for every serious skier's library.



The Athletic Skier — Warren Witherell and David Evrard

athletic skier

A comprehensive 1993 update to the ideas presented in How The Racers Ski, with emphasis on carving and boot alignment, but much more. Warren Witherell and David Evrard.  Another must-have.



Ski Faster — Lisa Densmore Feinberg (Ballard) )

ski faster

While former pro racer Densmore Ballard draws heavily on her racing experience and this is a great resource for aspiring junior or master racers, there is much in Faster that can enrich the ski life of any skier. The travel and packing advice alone is worth the price.



The Clendenin Method — John Clendenin with Peter Keelty

clendenin method

John Clendenin, Skiing Hall of Fame honored member, is a genius on skis, as he has been since before observers of the ski scene began recording the two-time world champion’s exploits. Most geniuses can’t communicate their brilliance without abandoning, bludgeoning or boring their students. Not so, Clendenin. In “Four Words for Great Skiing,” he explains, with extraordinary empathy, the secrets to high performance skiing. His goal is to give skiers the confidence to explore “the kingdom,” the natural, ungroomed terrain where creativity and self-expression reign. His humor, his intelligence and his gift for communicating mechanics to the non-mechanical shine through every page as if it were backlit.

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Total Skiing - Chris Fellows

total skiing

(Publisher's Description)

What type of skier are you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How can you improve your skills and your downhill experience? Total Skiing was developed specifically to help you answer those questions.

Author and renowned ski instructor Chris Fellows shares his proven pyramid program for assessing skills and creating your skiing profile. Step by step, you’ll identify exercises to enhance those skills and create a personal training program to improve functional movement, including stability and mobility, ski-specific fitness, essential ski techniques, and tactics for performance on all terrains.

Total Skiing also includes sample programs for each skier type that offers guidance from preseason to postseason with dry-land and on-snow drills for foundational, intermediate, and advanced performance solutions.

Whether you are looking to polish your skills, conquer the new terrain, or compete on circuit, Total Skiing is your total guide to exhilarating all-mountain skiing!