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Here's what Members say about realskiers

kind words from the Bay Area

Thank you for being the one and only website that actually reviews and thinks deeply about serious skis for hopeful technical skiers! Our knees thank you. - Liam

Thank you so much for the quick response and thoughtful comments. I just want to add that I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles; they are not only informative, but fun to read as well! - Steve T

By pure luck I discovered the site a year ago and immediately became a member. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from the information you provide. You do a fabulous job with the site and the Newsletter will enhance it. - Roberto P

In last three years I was buying the ski of the year like ULLR Logik 2 years ago and H2O G Kodiak last year and I literally loved them. I was thinking you could do no wrong! - Giovanni G

I find your web site very reliable and cogent in its comments and recomendations. - Larry F

I found some RX 176's, so with your advice I will buy them and put them to good use, perhaps as early as August. Thanks not only for this round of advice, but also for your sterling reviews and recommendations. I have purchased many skis and accessories on your advice and have never been disappointed. - Grant  L

I can not help but tell you what an aid your site has been for me over the years. The addition of search by category made ski searching much easier. Our phone call helped me to select the Fisher Koa 84 for my wife. She is absolutely in love with them and her skiing has increased easily a full level. After reading your reviews till my vision blurred, I opted for the Sultan 85. I have been thrilled with them. The only weakness I detect is in the on-board pilot. The real bonus after purchasing these skis came a month later when you had them both as skis of the year. Thank you for the site and your personal attention. - Tom W

Stumbled across your site on goggle yesterday and signed up. Easily the most comprehensive, simple, understandable and useful site I have ever run across. At $20, its the cheapest insurance I've ever purchased. We're going to be sure our fellow instructors get plugged into realskiers this year. Have a great season!!!" - John B

Always enjoy your Site. You have the best reviews in the industry. I also appreciate the fact that you did not drink the fat-ski Kool Aid and it carries even more weight knowing you’re a Little Cottonwood ski guy. You’re one of the few writers who will come out and say that a 70 something wide ski is more appropriate for a lot of days on most mountains than a 90 something wide ski. Keep it coming. I also really enjoyed your reviews of the high end boots. It gave all of us some real insight into boot design and the variations in boot styles. - Steve T

I really appreciate the site. Can't remember when I first subscribed, sometime in 2002 or so when I realized I was hooked on this sport, wanted to gear up myself and my family and couldn't trust magazine reviews or retailer advice. Bought and sold over 20 pairs of skis since then for family and friends (and a few for me along the way) and checked your site on most of them. Don't always agree, but I know where you're coming from. - Ted S

I'm a woman, life long skier and racer and have lived most of my years at 6000'. Yours is the ONLY site I've ever read that tells it like it really is, no BS, no marketing hype or fluff! Your advice on finding and mounting cord center of your skis is information that took most of us many years on the hill and in the wax room to discover. Thanks for keeping it real and for the well-written articles. - Carol R

As a '70's man, always into refinement of technique and equipment in various pursuits and to me, your website is evidently one of the best written and most uncorrupted out there. I still ski 100+ days a year. Even my brother, a semi-retired IT professional techno-nerd-geek who barely skis at all anymore but is an eloquent technical writer, will appreciate the composition of your articles. Stubborn, technique/ training/fitness-wise barely describes him... Very enjoyable reading - might even help me talk him back into skiing - David G

I would like to say the information on skis and instruction has been invaluable to me as a former PSIA instructor. The recommendations for skis, along with Harald's ideas have improved my skiing beyond a level I ever thought was possible. - Ray T

The best thing on skiing anywhere. Keep up the great work!
- Steve S

This summer started my 30th year working in the ski industry. Your web site is the first pretty, impartial info place I remember in this time period. I refer people to the site for real info all the time. - Rick B

They ought to give you a writing award for equipment reviews. - Harald H

Glad you're able to keep your site independent. I believe your loyal core of readers will support your efforts to maintain the site free from advertising. I personally find the information invaluable. - Alan B

Thanks for the service you are providing. Your site is great and its nice to have someone to ask questions. I particularly like the fact that your site has information on skis from past years. This helps as I do a lot of my gear shopping on ebay and other places that have stuff from a year or two ago. - Brad I

Found your site last year... I love it! I agree, old reviews are very helpful for those of us that buy less than brand new equipment. Keep up the good work - Mark M

It was a great disappointment to learn of the demise of Inside Tracks. Being addicted to your gear reviews, I'm hoping this donation will enable you to continue to provide unbiased, up-to-date information about skis and skiing via your web site. - Lee M

...for Peter in recognition of the work he's done in developing one of the more informative sites on the internet without huge corporate sponsorship. - Dana B

"The member site is fantastic. Anyone who doesn't think this is worth twenty bucks is making a mistake. You changed my ski life." - Geoff R

Thanks for the site. Inside Tracks is very much missed. - Jim N

SIGN ME UP! - Rich B

Keep up the good work Peter!!! - Michael H

I love your site and the product reviews. - Richard K

Thanks for your years of service to the skiing community. - Tom M

I enjoy your site.- Rex A

I've been reading your ski reviews and articles for a few years. They have been a part of my ski season and I would miss them.- Bruce D

I think you made the right decision leaving up the old reviews - it vastly increases the value of your web site. - Tom

Found your web site via search engine, looks nice and an especially worthwhile thing to have around. - Stuart

Advice this good needs to be properly supported - Dave C

I am a regular visitor of your Web site and it’s first place on my short list of favorites. The site is great. - Stevo K

I have not found any source of skiing information to match the quality of what you provide. Please try to keep it up. - Lee S

I like what you're doing on your site and want to become a member - Bennett G

I am thrilled to be able to get your equipment consultation! Also looking forward to hearing about your carving clinic.- David E

I like your site and that it is member supported. -George B

Congratulations on creating an impressive and invaluable site. I look forward to being a part of Realskiers for many years to come. - Alan B

Sorry it took me so long to support the site. Hopefully others will wake up as well. - Mike H

You have a very helpful site. Thanks. - Ian C

Great site! Anyone who doesn't think this is worth twenty bucks is making a mistake. You changed my ski life. - Geoff R

Anyone who doesn't think that a full year of realskiers personal support is worth the cost of a coffee and a bagel or two just isn't paying attention. - Mathew L

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