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FIND Buttons – —an unique Realskiers service
simplify your equipment search

Next to every current recommended ski model listed on realskiers is a find button.

Behind this button lies one of the key benefits of our site, links to the best network of specialty ski retailers in America; established, reputable retailers with long histories of exemplary customer service. Whether you buy from their brick-and-mortar locations or at their online storefronts, you’ll be working with trained professionals who know how to help you get the most out of your gear.

We cannot stress enough that your local specialty retailer is your best ally in selecting the optimal set-up for your ski experience. Remember, even if you buy your skis online, you’re still going to require a specialist for all your other skiing needs.

Speaking of skiing needs, none is more elemental to your happiness as a skier than your boots. A sub-optimal ski is a nuisance; an ill-fitting boot is hell. 

To dispense with the obvious from the outset: you can’t buy a ski boot online with any hope of success. We do include FIND buttons in the boot commentaries, but as always, we urge you to make any final selection only with the hands-on, in-person guidance of a trained boot fitter.   

The retailers behind our FIND buttons not only include some of the best certified boot fitters in the country, we count among our members some of the faculty who train and certify other retailers.

You won’t find more authentic, better informed, more toes-in-the-snow reviews and opinion than you’ll find here on  The dealer community we’ve assembled behind our FIND buttons are likewise first-rate avatars of excellence.  We urge you to patronize one of their number at your earliest opportunity. 

You’ll be glad you did.