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What we do

"Thanks for developing the best ski site on the web. I used to subscribe to every ski magazine on the market. Now I turn to your outstanding site for the information I need."      —Mark P.

We provide technical support to alpine skiers: frontside skiers, masters and citizen racers, relaxed groomer cruisers, all mountain carvers, big mountain riders, bumps, tree and powder fans. (Park and pipe riders will probably find better help on other sites).

Your subscription includes personal consulting—send us your question on skis, technique, boots, etc., and we respond by email or phone. We believe this unique service subscription to be available only here.

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This independent service—we accept no ski company advertising—is geared to all levels of skier from beginner to casual to instructor and masters' racer; we help everyone.

Realskiers reviews are different

Product reviews are based on tests by dozens of professional and non-professional skiers across the U.S. We have reviews of hundreds of current ski models and archives of more than 3000 reviews dating back to 1999.

Whether you're assembling a wish list of demo skis, want to research a specific model or need reviews of older skis, chances are you'll find what you need here. If not, use our consulting service and we'll fill in the blanks.

Recommended Favorites and Editors' Picks

Realskiers recommended models are skis we judge to be the best of their kind, based not only on scores but also on tester interviews and personal experience.

Our Editors' Picks may not be yours, or even the "best" skis for every skier, but all are in the hunt and we are confident that, for the right skier, they will not disappoint.

As the saying goes, "There are no bad skis, only wrong skis!" Actually, there are some bad skis, but we help you find not only the good ones, but the right ones.

More about ski reviews

While ski reviews can be interesting in and of themselves, can provide a broad look at the "ski-scape" and are useful to make the first cut in a buying decision, it's not all about reviews and definitely not about how many models are reviewed. Our goal is to help subscribers find not just a ski, but the perfect ski.

The best approach is to consider terrain, conditions, skill level, energy requirements, improvement goals and skiing speeds relevant to the individual skier.

This approach, as we have found in coaching, is more likely to provide a good solution than the questionable approach of predetermining this or that model based on peer pressure, well-meaning but ill-informed advice, or corporate marketing, promotion and advertising. We especially urge caution when a retail store employee or "expert" insists that the best ski for any skier is a model or type they like, regardless of the skier's personal situation. We have a growing list of top quality specialty shops where this is less likely to be a problem.

We are available through our subscriber consulting service to help focus the choice.

Ski instruction

Ski lessons that can be printed out for on-hill reference— get results the first day:

      • Clendenin Ski Method™ (10-part lesson)
      • Shapeshifter© - learn to carve in one morning
      • more, including personal technique consulting, either on line or phone or, by special arrangement, on-hill in Utah's Wasatch.

Personal consulting

Other review sites offer "one size fits all" ski finders; We provide 1-on-1 personal ski equipment and technique consulting by email and telephone.

We can help you find the best equipment for your skiing style, physical build, skill level, preferred terrain & conditions and budget and we help accelerate your skill development.

We have been able to save many members substantial amounts of money by recommending past years' skis that perform as well as newer models and often are identical except for cosmetics.

How-to articles

A growing library of unique reference articles by top pros. Unlike magazines, our content is chosen for its permanent applicability rather than "ad value" and short shelf life.

      • Equipment and technique
      • Technical Skills
      • Tactical Skills
      • Conditioning and Rehab
      • Boot Fitting
      • Guest Articles by top pros

"Linkipedia": Top shops and teachers, companies, more

One source of frustration faced by many skiers centers on the reliability and expertise of ski shops and instructors—does this shop really know what it is doing?  Is that boot technician a true expert? Can this teacher actually help me improve? These questions are of special importance when the skier is away from home base, for example visiting a resort for the first time

Always something new

We are constantly adding features and product information; Realskiers provides technical support for virtually any alpine skiing problem, issue or circumstance.

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